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34 Top Agents, Coaches, Speakers, and Experts Share Their Tips To Help You Make More Impact In Your Business & Life as a Realtor.  Are You Looking to Take Your Business to the Next Level?  Watch all Speaker Presentations "On-Demand" when you want to based on your schedule.  You will have a Lifetime Access to the Summit.

Get Energized and Re-Charged for the New Year!

What are the Five Things All Successful Realtors Have in Common?

  • Self-Confidence.  An unshakeable and unbreakable belief in themselves.
  • Passion.  They love being a Realtor and helping their customers.
  • Goal-Driven.  They know their "why" in life and they're focused on achieving it.
  • A True Professional--a high level of expertise in all matters related to real estate.
  • Generating New Clients--have a plan or system in place (whatever it is) to attract new customers.

Why should you attend the Real Estate Mastery Summit? 

This Summit will give you the tools to master the five traits of successful Realtors.

What you’ll learn will help you earn thousands of dollars in future commissions and not only give you new ideas and strategies for your business but also for your life.

The Summit will help you with the three key mindsets necessary for being a successful Realtor: Self-Confidence, Passion, and Purpose.

You will learn new skills and techniques that will help you be a more effective and competent Realtor so you can help your clients better.  Many marketing ideas, strategies and tips will be revealed in the Summit, and when you put them into practice they will help you build a thriving business not just today, but far into the future.

Success is not only measured by how much you earn but by who you are a person.  Are you becoming the person you want to be?  Where will you be in five years?  Ten years?  Investing in your personal development and mastering your skills as a Realtor and in life will help you attain the success and happiness you seek not only for yourself but those closest to you as well.

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Real Estate Mastery Summit

A Virtual Online Conference for Realtors

Hosted by Mario Jannatpour, Author of the Top Selling book:  "The Honest Real Estate Agent" and Host of the Popular Podcast: "The Honest Real Estate Agent."

itunes cover honest real estate agent


Jim Fain Pic "You can use a search engine to find slick real estate trainers that promise systems that require significant financial outlay----or you can find Mario and know that it's practical sound advice without breaking the bank. And he does it with a genuine desire to see you succeed."

Jim Fain

Coldwell Banker

(Midgeville, GA)




Nicole Beeton
Nicole Beeton

"I just want to take a minute and give a huge THANK YOU to Mario Jannatpour. From his great book 'The Honest Real Estate Agent' to his informative and fun podcasts- he has been a huge motivating factor in my real estate career. Not only does he produce valuable information for Realtors- his positive attitude and Golden Rule concepts are contagious. Thank you again Mario and keep up the good work!!"
-Nicole Beeton, Realtor with Century 21 Hometown Brokers Billings, MT

Rick Schultz
Rick Schultz

  I consider myself lucky to have found Mario Jannatpour's book, "The Honest Real Estate Agent," before I jumped into the real estate profession.  This book honestly and accurately prepared me for the challenges, successes and daily life in real estate.  When I think back, however, it wasn't luck at all that lead me to this wonderful information.  It was the fact that Mario did what Mario has always done - teach, share and guide new and experienced agents alike.  He put his materials out there for all agents, in an effort to help them learn and improve!  In addition to his terrific book, Mario's videos and podcasts have become key in my continued improvement.  I am constantly picking up new tips to grow my business and provide the best service for my clients.  I'm sure that countless agents from across the world have also benefited from Mario's generous teaching.  All I can say is "Thanks Mario!"

Rick Schultz --Century 21 Alliance Realty (Poughkeepsie, NY)

Tina Thorson

Very excited for this!!!  Mario Jannatpour has played a major role in my first-year success in real estate.  Also, as a new agent, money is tight so I could never afford to go to a 5-day conference in another state at this stage of my career.  Instead, I get access to 25 to 30 industry experts at a price that comes out to just a FEW DOLLARS EACH from my home office.  That’s CRAZY!  HIGHLY RECOMMEND this summit to my Realtor friends.

Tina Thorson with EvoReal in Spokane, Washington

Alayna Setter

It’s fitting that Mario Jannatpour would author a book titled, “The Honest Real Estate Agent.”  Why?  Because he’s true to the name, telling it like it is and guiding others in the industry (both newbies and old dogs) to revolutionize their business models and change the face of real estate.  When I initially contemplated jumping into the industry, Mario’s book lit the path, affirming that it was indeed possible to run a successful real estate business while remaining true to myself.  Since that time, the series has expanded, with an iTunes podcast and training materials, and I have had the opportunity to get to know Mario personally.  He is warm, engaging and knowledgeable, with a sincere desire to help others.  With the introduction of the Real Estate Mastery Summit, he fills a much needed niche, using technology to make industry leaders accessible and create a forum for discussion and idea sharing.

Alayna Setter with Keller Williams in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Let's Reach the Summit Together:  The Real Estate Mastery Summit

Mountain Climbers at Summit

34 Speakers Each Sharing 3 Tips on How To Improve a Realtor's Business

Top Agents, Coaches, Speakers, Trainers, Authors, Podcasters and Experts

January 12 to January 16, 2016

Some of the Speakers Include:

Richard RobbinsJennifer Allan Hagedorn Canva 2Jack Cotton Canva

Addy Saeed Canva

Candy Miles-Crocker CanvaKarri Flatla Canva












One Time Payment of $29 

Unlimited and Full Access to Summit.  Watch Speakers On-Demand Per Your Schedule.  Lifetime Access to Summit Videos  (Watch After Summit is Over).  Message Boards within Summit to Network with Other Attendees

Check out the Full Speaker Lineup Below

If you have any questions on how the Summit process works, you can email me at

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Richard Robbins: Richard Robbins Inc. Author of "Deliver the Unexpected"
Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn: Was a Top Realtor, Author of "Sell With Soul"
Matt Parker: Top Realtor in Seattle and Author of "The Real Estate Sales Secret"
Michael Thorne: Top Realtor in North Langley--Social Media Guru
Lee Davenport: Was a Top Realtor and Now a Coach/Author "Plan to Win"
Alexandra Krause: Coach/Trainer--Your BizTank
Mike Kim: Podcaster and Personal Branding Expert
Erin Smith: Podcaster and Author: "Master the Start"
Jeff Dowler: Top Realtor in Carlsbad, CA and Top Blogger in Real Estate
Addy Saeed: Top Realtor (Business Planning Presentation)
Sam DeBord: Top Realtor in Seattle
Katherine Ambrose: Top Realtor in Wichita, KS
Jack Cotton: Luxury Real Estate Expert, Author of "Selling Luxury Homes"
Lane Hornung: CEO, Founder of 8Z Real Estate (Power Farming in Digital Age)
Candy Miles-Crocker: Top Realtor in Washington DC, Coach and Trainer
Jerod Morris: Podcaster and Content Marketing Expert
Loretta Jobs: Top Realtor in KY and Managing Broker for 43 Years
Phil Shell: Top Realtor (Core Values Presentation)
Karri Flatla: Top Realtor in Lethbridge (Canada)
Joan Caton Cromwell: Top Realtor in Washington, DC
Jon Nastor: Top Podcaster and Author, "Hack The Entrepreneur"
Cindy Scott: Coaching Expert
Ryan Hanley: Content Marketing Expert, Author of "Content Warfare"
Nathan Dart: Top Realtor in Washington, DC
Keith Roy: Top Realtor in Vancouver Area
Joe Fairless: Podcaster, "Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever"
Nick Krautter: Top Realtor in Portland, OR and Author "The Golden Handoff"
Jeff Rising: Top Realtor in Adrian, MI and now Managing Broker/Owner
Brian Burns: Podcaster, "The Brutal Truth About Sales and Selling"
Sonia Thompson: Podcaster and Entrepreneur with Try BizSchool
Samuel Hatton: Podcaster, "Courageous Self-Confidence"
Christina Canters: Podcaster, "Stand Out and Get Noticed"
Mario Jannatpour: Realtor, Podcaster, Author: "The Honest Real Estate Agent"

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