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Are you starting your career in real estate?  It's an exciting time and I congratulate you on your career choice.  One of the dark secrets of getting your license is that your real estate school most likely will not teach you how to be successful as a Real Estate Agent in terms of building your business.

This training course will help you and get your career off on the right foot in your journey.  When evaluating whether or not to buy a training course you need to ask yourself two questions:  1--Will this Course save me money?  2--Will this Course make me money?  And the direct answer to both questions for 'Your First Day as a Realtor" is a big YES!

This course will save you money by putting you on a simple and cost effective marketing track for your first year.  This course gives you advice on choosing the right Real Estate Company to work for.  This is a huge benefit from this course. This course will make you money by giving you the tools and strategies to connect with and close more Buyers and Sellers in your first year.  This course teaches you the marketing philosophies necessary to compete in today's competitive marketplace in real estate.

Most coaching and consulting programs are really more suited to established and experienced Realtors.  This training program is designed specifically for brand new Realtors who are starting their career.  The best time to take this course is before you start your career because then you will be ready from day one to be successful and you will have a significant advantage over your competition.

The course is still effective for Agents after they have started their career because real estate is a roller coaster (a lot of ups and downs).  You will have unlimited access to the course so you can go back and re-watch the specific videos to give you the help and inspiration you need to battle through the challenging times of your career.

(Module 1) Build Long-Term Career
(Module 2) Getting Started
(Module 3) Don’t Be a Statistic! Stay in the Game
(Module 4) Prime Marketing Engine
(Module 5) Building Your Brand
(Module 6) Build Relationships
(Module 7) Set Yourself Apart From Competition
(Module 8) Competitive Advantage
(Module 9) Best Tools and Resources
(Module 10) Biggest Decision You Make


Mario Jannatpour
Mario Jannatpour

A quick Bio on the Instructor (Mario Jannatpour) has been a Realtor since May, 2003.  Awarded RE/MAX Hall of Fame Award in 2014.  Author of the top selling book: "The Honest Real Estate Agent" Host of the popular podcast "The Honest Real Estate Agent"

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