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Learn How To Help Buyers From an Expert

I have helped many Buyers in my career as a Realtor since 2002.  My Clients love working with me and I truly enjoy being a Buyers Agent.  This course represents my process, tips and how to effectively build relationships with your Buyers as a Realtor.

(Module 1) Psychology of Buyers
(Module 2) Buyer Profiles
(Module 3) First Contact
(Module 4) Buyer Needs Analysis
(Module 5) The Home Tour
(Module 6) Writing/Submitting Offer
(Module 7) Negotiating Tips
(Module 8) Inspection Process and Appraisal
(Module 9) Walk-Through and Closing
(Module 10) Review


Student Testimonial:

Tina Thorson

Tina Thorson with EvoReal in Spokane, Washington

It is really surprising to me, as a new agent, how few training programs exist for us.  In my  research, I’ve found many, many resources for established agents - but there is a void in the training market for people like me who are trying to find their way and how to best to chart their career.

When I heard that Mario Jannatpour was developing a buyer’s course, I jumped on it!  Finally,  somebody has taken the time to teach us how to sell real estate!  Our pre-licensing real estate school teaches us basic real estate terms, our broker teaches us lead generation, but what  about: how to screen buyers, conduct a presentation, contract negotiation, home inspections -  tasks that we absolutely have to master?  This course fills that gap for a fee that new agents can afford.

Mario’s sessions are concise, entertaining, educational, and informative.  I really loved the self-paced format that allowed me to access content whenever was convenient for me.  I can’t recommend this program highly enough.  It’s not fluff, there’s no endless discussions about  theories on how to sell to different personality types or how to design your business cards - it’s  in-the-trenches information that will make you a better agent. 


The Buyer Course for Realtors

Taught by Mario Jannatpour, Author of the Top Selling book:  "The Honest Real Estate Agent" and Host of the Popular Podcast: "The Honest Real Estate Agent."  Mario has been a Realtor with RE/MAX Alliance since 2003 and is a member of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame.

Mario Jannatpour
Mario Jannatpour

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